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April 11, 2014 / mymeowz

HK Shopping Haul

I’m really excited to announce that we will be having a guest post really soon from my beautiful fwens Morgan and Gaia who live in Hong Kong!

Mummy went to visit them (and their mummy, Auntie EC) in February and she totally cheated on me while she was there with them! But I forgive her because she spent most of that weekend shopping for me with Auntie EC and Auntie W.

Auntie EC knows all the great places to go in HK to shop for kitties and she brought Mummy and Auntie W around. Mummy went NUTS!! There is so much more variety in terms of products and toys in Hong Kong for kitties! Mummy has always felt that Singapore is more of a “dog” country because there are a lot more stuff for doggies in pet shops than for kitties. The toys, furniture and treats that you can find in Singapore for kitties are really limited. A lot of my stuff Mummy has to buy on Amazon and get them shipped to Singapore.

You can find Imperial Cat scratchers, Whole Life Pet treats, the Modkat, Drinkwell fountains, Pioneer fountains, SmartCat scratchers…even the Lotus Cat Tower which is totally Mummy’s dream for both me and her!!!

hr.lotuscattower1Photo Source: The Refined Feline

Mummy was so jealous that kitties in Hong Kong can get all these wonderful kitty products…some of them are so big and bulky that buying them online and shipping to Singapore would just be too expensive so it’s really not possible for kitties in Singapore to get a chance to enjoy them.

So Mummy totally wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to get me as much stuff as she could while she was in HK. She made sure she had plenty of spare luggage bags to be able to buy big bulky stuff for me and look what she got!!

IMG_0268let me inspect my loot

Unfortunately…she could not pack a Lotus Cat Tower into her bag. Sob…

So I’m sure everyone really wants to know where they can go in HK to shop for their kitties too which is why I told Morgan and Gaia they absolutely have to share the info with everyone so they agreed to write a guest post on HK shopping for kitties (our first guest post)! I’m so excited! It’ll be up really soon so everyone please keep a lookout for it!

April 10, 2014 / mymeowz

Mi-views: Moving bug toys

Hi everyone! This is going to be a mi-view of a certain type of toy (as opposed to a particular brand) – the vibrating “bug” toy. The toy is basically a small rectangular shaped toy with a rubber textured cover over the top and sides. The sides look like little bug legs. It’s powered by a small round battery. You turn it on and it starts vibrating. Then it moves all over the floor or table top etc and will change directions if it bumps into anything. If it accidentally gets turned over, it can (sometimes) flip back on its own from the vibrations.

Before I go any further with this mi-view. WORD OF CAUTION. This toy is small enough that your kitty could grab it in its mouth and bite it. It could be a choke hazard. You should NEVER leave it anywhere out in the open that your kitty can reach/get to it and you shouldn’t let your kitty play with it unsupervised.

Mummy first bought one of these last year from Loving Pets. Loving Pets told Mummy it was Japan’s No. 1 toy for kitties at the moment! It’s called the Wild Mouse! Even has a little rubber tail….I don’t know why they called it a mouse. It’s really more the size of a bug. Maybe to differentiate itself from the Hexbug (which is the other similar toy I just got).

20131005_120347Japanese version – about SGD18(?)

20131005_124323plastic body with a rubber cover and tail!

20131005_124331bug like legs fir a mouse though…switch on the underside

We lost the Wild Mouse when we moved house. So Mummy recently bought the Hexbug Nano from Amazon. The Hexbug is not actually a cat toy. I think it’s a kids toy. But it’s almost exactly the same as the Wild Mouse so I don’t know who copied who. There are many different colours and different models for the Hexbug.

20140409_214542USD8 on Amazon before shipping

20140409_214615Like a sci-fi bug

20140409_214627looks exactly the same as the Wild Mouse

One difference Mummy noticed between the Wild Mouse and Hexbug Nano is that the Wild Mouse seems to move more in circles and a pretty tight circle. The Hexbug Nano doesn’t seem to move in a circle or maybe it moves in a bigger circle so it travels more instead of just going round and round the same spot. I think the Hexbug Nano movement could be more interesting…….less predictable maybe?

Let loose in the house, this toy really almost like a bug moving all over the floor. It’s small enough that it even goes under our wine fridge, the sofa, our book shelf, behind boxes etc which makes it kinda fun for me. Although the downside is that if it gets stuck underneath the sofa, Mummy has to go on her hands and knees to dig it out.

Initially this toy didn’t interest me too much. I’d watch it move around..but I didn’t really chase it very much or try to swat it. But after a few sessions of Mummy letting it loose, I’m starting to show more interest. I’m still not trying to swat or bite it (which is kinda good because Mummy prefers I don’t put it in my mouth since it has a battery inside and all) but if it moves out of sight, I will run to find it. I will follow it around…..flatten myself in hunting/pouncing stance… for it if it goes out of sight.

Mummy wonders if this counts as an “interactive” toy. Hee…for the lazy hoomans.

Some cats may like this toy a lot more than others. Auntie EC bought a Wild Mouse for Morgan and Gaia and they were instantly interested in it. They just kept following it around the house, looking for it…Gaia would very tentatively try to touch it. And they looked like they could just watch it for eons.


Morgan and Gaia are SOOOO pretty!

March 14, 2014 / mymeowz

Freeze dried venison organ treats

Recently Mummy went to the Pet Expo and there was a stall selling Dear Deer Venison treats. This was the first time Mummy has seen or heard of this brand of treats and was quite happy to see that there are now freeze dried whole meat treats being sold in Singapore because it really is a sign that more people in Singapore are recognising the benefits of a raw diet and also whole meat treats which are much better than overly processed treats.

The Dear Deer website says that the Dear Deer treats come from a New Zealand deer ranch and has no additives or preservatives. And all treats are vacuum freeze dried.

The treats come in the following options:

  • Deer Liver
  • Deer Heart
  • Deer Jerky
  • Deer Kidney
  • Deer Nugget

Mummy bought the Deer Kidney, Deer Liver and Deer Heart for me to try. We already get the Whole Life Pets Venison freeze dried treats (see mi-view here) so Mummy didn’t bother considering the Deer Jerky. She wasn’t so keen on the Deer Nuggets because they are made of a mixture of deer sinew, grinded bone, jerky and liver. Mummy just doesn’t really like the idea that it’s a mixture of stuff which might make it hard to assess how much liver I’ve been given and just generally not a fan of grinding.

IMG_0304Small sample packs of the deer liver and deer heart were sold at the Pet Expo. Deer Kidney in the original packaging.

The kidney, liver and heart treats all come in pretty substantial sized pieces and you definitely should not feed your kitty an entire piece of the treat. But they can be easily broken or cut up for your kitty or smaller sized doggies. They look like sliced pieces of meat which is great because it really looks like they just sliced up the liver or kidney and freeze fried them. They’re recognisable as actual organs as opposed to mystery meat. The liver and kidney really look like actual liver and kidney. Not so sure about the heart yet because we haven’t opened the packet.

Mummy breaks the liver and kidney treats and feeds me very small amounts because too much organs can cause diarrhea. These organ treats are a great way, and probably the only way in Singapore, to supplement my raw venison meat meals. We can’t get any venison organs in Singapore at all so for raw feeders in Singapore we can only use liver or kidneys or other organs from other types of animals. But Mummy tries not to mix proteins anymore and tries to keep the different types of animal proteins I get in a day to a minimum as far as possible (see here). So these venison organ treats seem like a good way to be able to give me venison organs for my venison meal days. They’re nowhere close to getting fresh raw organs but we do what we can in Singapore!

IMG_0308deer liver

IMG_0306deer kidney. really looks like a cross section of a kidney.

You can’t see from the photo but Mummy is using one hand to hold me away from the treats just so that she can get a clear shot without my furry black head in the way. So yep…I really like these treats so far. I even managed to grab the liver treat packet in my mouth and almost managed to run off with it! Some kitties who do not like to eat fresh organs at all might want to give these freeze dried treats a try. Since they’re freeze dried they don’t really have a strong smell which might be the reason why some kitties refuse fresh raw organs. Taking these photos of the treats were a real challenge for Mummy because I was ALL over them.

We also recently got another Venison liver treat from Only Natural Pet. This one was ordered online and shipped to Singapore using VPOST. We haven’t tried it yet but from the packet it looks different from the Dear Deer liver treats. It’s shinier looking and reminds Mummy of beef jerky in terms of looks and texture (from what she can feel through the packaging).

IMG_0300only natural pet venison liver

But it seems like I will seriously like this treat too because…I was also all over the packet while Mummy was trying to take a photo and I even tried to bite through the plastic. When I finally get to try this I’ll let everyone know what I think.

IMG_0302gimme gimme gimme

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March 13, 2014 / mymeowz

Keeping toys interesting

The wonderful and sometimes also frustrating things with us kitties, is that you never know what new quirk and preference we’re going to throw at you. But it’s really the same for humans isn’t it? One day you’re totally into a particular topic or new hobby or new gadget and soon you get bored of it and move on.

So why do people not naturally think or realise that it’s the same for kitties. That we too can get bored of the same toy after some time. Whenever Mummy buys me a new toy that I like (and I don’t like all toys), she will play with me or leave it out for me to play with everyday. And I will be enthusiastic for a while. Super love! But after a few weeks, I will just lose interest and not want to play anymore.

Mummy couldn’t understand it at all for a very long time. All the mi-views I’ve written about all the toys that I love, I really did love them. But for most of them, I don’t really play them very much anymore. Only the puzzle toys which result in treats being in my tummy are still popular.

Then Mummy recently read Marilyn Kreiger’s Naughty No More and also came across other books or articles but she can’t remember what they are anymore that talked about rotating toys. Marilyn Kreiger even suggests at least 48 hour rotations. Then Mummy remembered many years back R&J’s Mummy also mentioned something about rotating their toys. You also should keep toys away after play so that kitty doesn’t have 24/7 access to the toys and get bored of them.

So Mummy has “ruined” many great toys for me (and also her) by using them non-stop for days. GASP!! Her fault!

Another recommendation is to reward for playtime. Jackson Galaxy always says that a cat lives to hunt, kill and eat. So playtime should mimic this natural instinct/activity of cats. We hunt the toy. And we have to have moments when we actually catch the toy to “kill” it. And after playtime we should get a meal or a treat as a reward for being an awesome hunter. This is why some cat “experts” don’t like the laser pointer as a toy for kitties. We may chase it but it isn’t rewarding for us because we can’t ever catch it. There is no “kill and eat” element to it.

I have one or two toys right now that I’m still interested in. And Mummy has been very careful not to take them out everyday and to try switching them every other day. All the other toys are now in the cupboard and Mummy hopes that one day they can see the light of day again when I’ve forgotten how awesome they are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAok what are we playing with next?

March 5, 2014 / mymeowz

Mi-Views: Kyjen Paw Hide Dog Puzzle Training Toy

You guys know Mummy and me love puzzle toys. They’re great mental stimulation/entertainment and more importantly, they are a way for me to get treats! Since I’ve gotten pretty good with my Cat Amazing Puzzle Box and my wooden circle puzzle toy, Mummy decided to find me a new one. And she got me a dog puzzle toy.

IMG_0287ummm..Mummy..are you sure that toy is for someone my size?

Mummy decided on this toy from Amazon mostly because it was cheap (USD9 on Amazon) and made of plastic so she figured shipping would be much more affordable. It ended up to be a pretty good toy for me because luckily we found a way for me to play with it even though it was probably meant for a dog much bigger than me.

The Kygen Paw Hide Dog Puzzle Toy is in the shape of a paw and has many pockets for treats.The base has rubber on it so that it doesn’t slide so much on the table or floor.

IMG_0289Kygen Paw Hide Puzzle Toy – post modification by the pawrents

Each pocket has a cover with a tiny hole in it which I think is so that the dog can smell the treat.

IMG_0290original cover with that tiny little hole. ipod nano for size comparison.

The idea is pretty simple. Put treats in the pockets, put the covers over and let doggy lift the covers to get to the treat.

IMG_0288instructions on the back of the box

Once we took the puzzle out we realised the first obstacle to this toy for me. My mouth was not big enough to be able to bite the cover to remove it. And the covers fit into the pockets deep enough that it wasn’t really possible to use my paw to push the covers off. Oops. So Daddy cut bigger holes in some of the covers so that they would be big enough for me to be able to bite the cover to lift it off.

IMG_0291the covers shows how deep the pockets of the puzzle are

IMG_0293enlarged holes in the cups

But the pawrents had enough foresight not to cut all the covers in case once I got the hang of the game I would be able to “level up” and find a way to lift the covers with the tiny hole. And I did!! How you ask? Because I am a genius. And very little gets in the way of my treats!

I’m really pretty good at this game. I don’t even lift the covers that don’t have treats in them. Yep. I’m THAT good. You probably will need to help kitty with figuring out the game initially (my Mummy and Daddy helped me). Once I got the rough idea of the toy, I figured the rest out on my own.

The good thing about the toy is that it’s plastic and can be washed easily. I do get some saliva on the covers and base of the pockets so it’s good to be able to wash the toy easily by giving it a quick rinse.

More puzzle toys mi-views to come because Mummy recently went to HK and managed to buy from Nina Ottosson puzzle toys which we’re all very excited to try out!

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February 16, 2014 / mymeowz

Water fountain down? Some tips that may help..

For all of you who use water fountains for your kitty, if your fountain stops working, here’s some steps you can try before running out to buy a new one:

1. The easiest check – Check the power socket

No explanation needed for this check. Just make sure that it’s not your power socket that is not working before you run out and buy a new water fountain which will cost you at least SGD50! Although….fixing your power socket might cost you more money and trouble. So….cross your fingers it’s just the fountain!

2. Check the power plug or wire connection

This is especially for those using the Catit water fountains.See my mi-view of it here.

The power cord can be detached from the power plug head for easier fountain cleaning and sometimes it could be the connection between the power plug and cord. Try jiggling the power cord and making sure it is inserted tightly/properly or if you have multiple Catit water fountains, switch plug heads.

P1030717detachable power cord

The plug heads are actually quite fragile and can be damaged quite easily. Especially if the plug head is dropped on the floor it can crack and the connection become loose.

No? No one has dropped the plug? Just my Daddy then…………………….one of my Catit plug heads is not being held together with silicon and tape.Good thing Daddy managed to fix it and get it working again though…a replacement fountain is just so costly.

3. Check if the rotating blades are jammed

This is something Mummy only recently discovered. One of my water fountain seemed to be spoiled and water was not being pumped up. But the water pump and plug were very hot. Mummy thought that was odd and it didn’t seem like the entire thing had just died if it was still heating up.

So after some Googling (gosh we love the internet), Mummy found a suggestion online about checking the rotating blades and it could be because the blades are jammed.

IMG_0217water pump

IMG_0218remove the cap and that’s the rotating blades in the middle

IMG_0220it can be removed! check for gunk or anything that could be jamming the blades from rotating

We didn’t even know you could take out the rotating blades…it’s definitely not a piece that has ever been cleaned for the years that we have used this fountain. And when Mummy pulled it out, there was SO much slimey gunk on the column and inside the hole! EEEUUUUWWWWW… it was pretty gross. Once she got the gunk cleaned out, the water fountain worked just fine.

Hope this helps!

drink water…gooooood.

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February 11, 2014 / mymeowz

Laptops – the kitty underbelly warmer

Mummy has found a way to keep me off her laptop.


By giving me my own laptop. Oh yeah…..


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